Typical Single Family & Condominium Appraisal


2055 Exterior


Condo Exterior


FHA Single Family


Unique & Special Single Family & Condominium


(Duplex & Triplex) Appraisal


(Fourplex-Appraisal),  Relocation Appraisal


Typical Vacant Residential Site Appraisal


Mobile Home Appraisal


Typical Inspection (Construction & Final)


Field Review of Appraisal


Desk Top Review


Short Form (Freddie Mac Form #704)


Letter of Recertification


Copy of Appraisal/Name Change

$ 50.00

Copy of Appraisal with Original Photos


Revisions of Appraisal (with Comparable Sales)


Additional Forms (Operating Income Statement)

$ 75.00

(Rent Schedule)


All appraisals will be completed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approval forms with following attachments: subject improvement sketch, location map, photos (subject and comparable sales), and miscellaneous addenda as applicable.

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